Introducing the 2022 HBCU Business Case Competition

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$25K in Total Prizes for HBCU Entrepreneurs.
Nurturing a New Generation of Wealth Builders.


Black Wealth Summit was created with generational wealth in mind. The HBCU Business Case Competition is central to how BWS plans to engage our young people to own their own wealth journey, live by choice, and thrive with greater wealth equity. It begins with our young, black, and brilliant.

The HBCU Business Case Competition is designed to encourage students to explore entrepreneurship – activating one of the most significant paths to real wealth creation.

So, if you attend a Historically Black College and University as a student, we invite you to form your team, sign up for free, and compete for the winning prize and HBCU bragging rights.

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Presenting the Competition Finalists:


Supporting Black wealth through investing, crowdfunding and education

Vinnae Edgerly-Collins

Christina Johnson


The Miracle Potato

Reducing spoilage of North Carolina’s top vegetable crop

Team Leader:
Dr. Salam A. Ibrahim

Team Members:
Abdulhakim Sharaf Eddin, Alaina Brock & Philip Yeboah

We Cycle

Incentivizing plastic recycling through crypto currency compensation 

CEO/Team Leader:
Jonathon Nash

Team Members:
Tyler Nash, Theodore Rankin and Michael Reaves

Distinguished Judges:

Lanta Evans-Motte
Raymond James

2021 HBCU Business Case Competition Winner

Testimonial from the Generation(s) Team:

The Black Wealth Summit has propelled the Generation(s) team to new heights. During the program, we had significant exposure to seasoned investors, competed against top HBCU scholars, and received support from The Black Wealth Summit Team well after competition concluded.

  • Exposure to Industry Leaders. During the competition, we had the chance to meet three seasoned investors who posed several thought-provoking questions to team. This challenged our views on the business, which allowed us to refine various aspects of our thesis and paint a clearer path to providing financial solutions to college students.
  • Competition vs Top HBCU Scholars. As entrepreneurs, having a network is critical to the business’s success. With the COVID-19 Pandemic hindering our ability to network with other bright scholars, the HBCU BWS Case Competition allowed us to connect with peers across the United States and even open opportunities to collaborate in the future. Not to mention how inspiring the other participant’s pitches were – as the proverb goes, “Iron sharpenth iron…”.
  • Post-Competition Support. Even after the competition concluded, Ms. Robinson served as a critical advisor to the business and connected us to various investors and others who were interested in seeing the business reach its fullest potential.

The Generation(s) Team gives our highest recommendation to the Black Wealth Summit and the HBCU Case Competition. It is a launchpad of greatness and can provide the tools necessary to elevate your business to the next level.


Eric Gallardo

Joseph Ramirez

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