October 20 – 22nd, 2021


Unapologetically Invested
in the Prosperity of Black People

It’s about time that every black person has access to the knowledge that can be used to build real generational wealth for their families and communities. The Black Wealth Summit is an answer to making prosperity accessible to Black people, thereby making prosperity accessible to all people.

Deliver Common Sense
Educational Experiences
Designed to Sustainably
Advance Black Wealth

Through deliberate partnerships, we’ll create a premiere conference that leverages the knowledge, influence and resources of the major financial institutions, insurance agencies and estate planning advisors, in order to inspire, educate and build Black wealth and economic might – enriching our families and our communities.

We can transcend the script of a pre-defined story, and pave the way for the future that we design. We just need to tap that power, that conviction, that determination within us

Robert F. Smith
Philanthropist • Investor

Summit Objectives

To provide wealth literacy to Black People.

To teach Black People how to build wealth
by investing in Real Estate, Stocks and Bonds,
Private Equity and Entrepreneurship.

To create a networking environment where
Black People can find their tribe and learn from like minded people.

To aid in the closing of the 50+ year racial wealth gap,
by teaching Black People to build, preserve, and pass on wealth
– establishing generational wealth.

To expose Black People to investment opportunities
designed to grow their wealth.

To provide mentorship and potential funding
for emerging Black entrepreneurs.

To erode the walls of mistrust in the Black community
by fostering investment collaboration.

Ways to Engage


Attend this first-of-its-kind experience for access to the best minds and brands is the space of wealth building, entrepreneurship and financial education, all curated especially for Black people.


Be among the industry leaders, ally companies, and kindred spirits who believe in our mission of closing the racial wealth gap and transforming the lives and communities of Black people nationwide.


You've heard that "It takes a village", so if you'd like to lend your time, talents, and energy, and together, advance our summit mission to support financial thriving of the entire village, let's go!

Founding Sponsors

Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley